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Quick to Adjust y Sadie Endesha son capturados por el Frente Rebelde Unido en Talitsa. En respuesta, un equipo de SPARTAN-IVs es enviado a rescatarlos.Talitsa was the third moon of Vitalyevna in the Outer Colony Sverdlovsk system. Talitsa was colonized by the UNSC at some point prior to 2493. In 2493, 2516 .Talitsa, also known as Vitalyevna III, is an Outer Colony under control of the United Rebel Front. Talitsa is a natural satellite of the ringed gas giant Vitalyevna, .Operation: COALPEPPER, later referred to as the Talitsa incident, was a United Nations Space Command operation, arranged by the Spartan branch and Office .The outer colony of Talitsa is one of twenty-seven natural satellites of a gas giant in the Sverdlovsk System.

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